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The Healthy Heart – The Happy Heart

On September 21, 2022, a remote conference of the Healthy Heart Society was held, in which prominent cardiologists from Kaunas Clinical Hospital – Prof. R. Kubilius, Prof. A. Puodžiukynas and Prof. R. Šlapikas made reports on various urgent health issues related to cardiovascular problems. The topics presented were very engaging – managing CVD risk factors, how to survive living with atrial fibrillation, news from the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology of 2022.

The attendees had a good opportunity to give questions to the presenters after the reports and receive comprehensive replies.

Date of the event: 09/21/2022

You can view the video of the conference: here.

Heart - diseases and how we can help ourselves

On a nice and sunny June afternoon, a lecture "Heart - diseases and how we can help ourselves" was organized for the Panemune community in Kaunas, as a result of the initiative of the Healthy Heart association. The guest speaker Professor Rimvydas Šlapikas explained in detail the causes of heart diseases and the possible means of avoiding them, treating them, and living with them in concord.

After the lecture, over a cup of tea, the audience asked questions, happy to learn more specifically about their disease and how to treat or control it. It was great that we could chat and get to know each other immediately. We plan to continue cooperation with the Panemune community and its excellent chairman, Mr. Gediminas Žukauskas and active assistant Genovaite Žukauskiene.

We are grateful for the opportunity to meet with the public and spread the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

(Written by R.Semiotiene)

Date of the event: 06/22/2022

Annual meeting of the CVD Patient Society SVEIKA SIRDIS

At the end of April an annual meeting for a reporting cycle of the year of 2021 was held.

24 members of the Society attended the meeting: 16 members participated by logging in on the Google Meet platform, 8 members voted by e-mail by written vote, having familiarized themselves with the annual report presented at the meeting - annual report and financial report- and the auditor's report on the Society's website.

The society's president, Rasa Šemiotienė, presented the annual report on the society's activities and introduced to the upcoming tasks. The participants of the meeting approved of the annual report of the Society’s work and the auditor's report for the year of 2021. A new candidacy for the treasurer of the society was also voted on, which was unanimously approved.

Date of the event: 04/25/2022

Benefits and harms of cholesterol

Our well-known and dear guest, cardiologist Professor Rimvydas Šlapikas from Kaunas Clinical Hospital at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) read the report and answered the participants' questions at the virtual seminar BENEFITS AND HARMS OF CHOLESTEROL devoted to presentation and analysis of positive and negative factors which cholesterol can cause.

The seminar was organized together with the Competence Development Department of Kaunas College. Over 50 people attended, showing great interest in the cholesterol problem and the efforts to handle it.

Date of the event: 05/18/2022

Let’s celebrate World Myocardial Week Together!

We talk a lot about the heart. However, the most important engine of our lives is usually forgotten and felt only when our weakened hearts stand or twist so strongly that at that time the whole world slips under our feet. What can be done to prevent this from happening?

We kindly invite you to participate in the remote educational event "NO FOR INFARCTION"


Program and more detailed information about the conference: here.

Date of the event: 12/15/2021

Let’s celebrate World Familial Hypercholesterolemia Day!

Cholesterol is a friend and an enemy.

World Familial Hypercholesterolemia (CH) Day is celebrated every year on September 24, it is initiated by the international community of European CH, and this year the Lithuanian Patients' Association "Healthy Heart" joins this awareness campaign. In collaboration with the international community, organizes a remote conference for patients and their families and anyone with a concern for heart health.


Program and more detailed information about the conference: here.

Date of the event: 09/23/2021