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Patients Testify - Professionals Comment

The Healthy Heart Association of the HCL is participating in the Patient Testify – Professionals Comment project, which provides personal experiences of patients with cardiovascular disease who have experienced high blood cholesterol levels and clinical symptoms.

In the footage, patients talk about the causes of the disease, the treatment given, the longevity of the disease, or the tolerance of its symptoms. The interviewees are interviewed by a representative of the society, and the medical situation is discussed in detail by the professor cardiologist.

We hope you find the information provided useful and thoughtful about your health in order to enhance and protect it.

Rasa Šemiotienė - "I wish you stay happy!"

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Questions for the patient - MY STORY

ŠKL patient A.Piligrimas (Kaunas)

1. What is the diagnosis of heart disease?

The diagnosis sounds like this: Hypertensive heart disease without heart failure (stazine); Comorbidities: Typical atrial flutter, left ventricular failure.

In other words, the heart beats.

2. When did the first symptoms occur? How did you feel?

It’s hard to say when the first symptoms appeared, maybe half a year ago I felt weak during exercise (climbing stairs, etc.).

3. Did you see a doctor immediately? After a while? Why?

I did not apply immediately, only this year. in April I did not have any complaints at rest (although the pressure was quite high for 10 years), so I did not underestimate the situation and did not see a doctor immediately. Since the situation did not improve under the load, I decided to see a family doctor.

4. Has the necessary help been provided and have you improved?

Yes, help was given to the family doctor. I was then referred for a consultation to the Cardiology Clinic, where it was decided to admit me to the hospital. Previously, you had to take medication (rivaroxaban, mildronate, etc.) for 21 days.

5. Have you undergone surgical intervention for heart disease? Was an implant (stimulator, stent, etc.) inserted?

At the Cardiology Clinic this year. May 10 an interventional radiology (electrophysiology) procedure was performed. I felt weak after the procedure, but after a few days I felt quite bad.

6. Do you think you know enough about your illness? How do you want to know more?

I can honestly say that I do not have enough information about my illness. Since hypertension is, as far as I understand it, a disease for the rest of my life, I am currently gathering information on how to live with it. I hope that the activities and articles published by the Healthy Heart Society will help me gather enough information.

7. Where do you look for information on how to deal with an attack?

So far, all I know is that an ambulance needs to be called as soon as possible.

8. Has your lifestyle changed since your illness?

Yes, it has changed. I started to take more care of my health, eat in moderation, consume little salt. I go to the doctors.

9. What do you think caused the causes of your heart ailments?

The cause is very difficult to determine and may not need to be determined. After all, the human body, like the car, needs to be repaired in time.

10. What advice would you give to a person to prevent COPD?

It is advisable not to ignore the disorder in case of high pressure, but to consult a doctor immediately and take the prescribed medication. Of course, and live a healthy life, avoid stress.